Time Management

When I started this new blog I had huge plans. I was going to document every step of the way in my new life and journey as a science student.
Then life happened.

It has been a huge learning curve the last few months to say the least. Deciding to relocate at the last minute, the obstacles that came with that, rotation of illnesses in my children and trying to catch up with lectures and assignments.
It has been tough, but I have made it through.

I achieved a First mark in my first module which I am so proud of, as I really didn’t think, with everything going on, that I had even passed let alone done so well.

I don’t know how well I have kept this up but it is a positive step and I hope my dreams of a First class honors degree are attainable. Just got to keep swimming right?

Anyway, as things are slowly starting to settle, the house is almost sorted, the kids are in routines and I am finding more time to study properly, I hope to find more time to write about my life and experiences. My journeys in science, veganism and single parenthood, and anything else I may wish!


New Year, New Start, New Me?

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