Fibro Life

So today is my first exam of my degree and I’ve tried to prepare best I can. To be fair it’s been over 15 years since I’ve sat proper exams so a bit out of practise here! (Getting old lol)

But then comes the decision between being distracted by pain or distracted by painkillers. 

Living with fibromyalgia is a daily struggle. Some days you can wake up functional and “okay” and others in a world of pain or fatigue  (okay the worst days both). And it doesn’t discriminate. A big date? You’re birthday? Big exam. It doesn’t care. 

So what do you do on those days? Sometimes you have to decide to give them a miss, take the rest and wait for next time. But the things you can’t avoid? Power through? Take the drugs and deal best you can? Or do you need a clear mind so dealing with the pain is all you can do.

I’m lucky today is a medium day. I can deal with the pain so far in order to keep my head clear, but next week I might not be so lucky? Who knows x

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