Once lost, now found

I finally got around to sorting out my office….well its still work in process really, but at least now it is usable!

The office became a dumping ground when I moved for anything to be unpacked later or things without a place etc. Not only was it unusable but it got to the point when I couldn’t even get in it to print something out! But now it’s sorted, yey!

Whilst on this epic mission of clearance and sortage I came across a load of my old writing. I used to write a lot, stories, poems, songs. These days I haven’t had the time or muse to produce much but it is nice to come across a selection of my past efforts.

I may post some of it from time to time, if I feel anything is half decent (not toooooo cringe worthy lol). It may inspire me again!

For now I will leave you with a short poem I wrote last year as part of a random bit of my course.



“Home is a strange place really.
It’s not where you stay
It’s not where you live.
Home is safe, warm and loving.
Home is special, and cannot be replaced.

It isn’t a house, a street or a country
It isn’t a nationality or necessarily where you belong.
Home is inside, somewhere close.
Where you feel safe and loved.

Home is in you and the people you care about.

It cannot be built
It cannot be made
It cannot be chosen by another.”

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