Its been a few weeks since I last wrote, time flies like that these days. Life as a single mum and student certainly keeps me busy! So of course I choose to add to that by partaking in some dramatics on top 🙂

Last weekend was amazing. I spent one day (all day) filming a Harry Potter fan film and it was great fun! We got soaked, and I sprained my wrist and stones got everywhere but it was just brilliant. So much fun. I have never been filmed before so that was an experience and as such I also filmed some short clips on my Instagram to try and get used to being on camera, I guess they are mini vlogs? I may do more in future, so I guess watch that space?

The next day was more rehearsals for the show I am in, a steampunk adaptation of Jack the Ripper which is due to be shown throughout July. Great fun with some amazing people and it is coming along fantastically.

Finally submitted the dreaded portfolio module, so glad it is over but will have to wait and see what mark comes of it. (scary)

So yeah pretty busy, life is good though, new and exciting things all around and great things happening. For once I am pretty happy and its certainly a weird feeling! Hope it lasts 🙂

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