A pirate’s life for me

One of my favourite weekends of the year has now come and gone.

Every year on the first bank holiday in May you will discover hoards of pirates descending upon the small fishing town of Brixham, in Devon. A huge festival of fun and frolics, the world famous Brixham Pirate Festival is something that really shouldn’t be missed!

For the last nine years I have been attending every festival, getting more involved and more piratey with each passing occasion and I love every minute. I have performed plays, entered competitions and for the last couple of years helped run a fundraising stall with the South Devon Players (the theatre company I am part of).

Drench a wench, fight a pirate and name a teddy were just a few of things we had running on our stall and there was so much else to see at the festival too.
Bands playing throughout the weekend, entertainment for the children, mead and gear to buy and all sorts of food and festivities to be had.

I truly urge you to come down and see us next year! In the mean time you can visit Brixham and experience our love of pirates on a smaller scale with Pirate Thursdays! running throughout the summer holidays x

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