Why I chose Plymouth Uni


So, it’s early 2016 and I have smashed my access course! I am set to receive full distinctions throughout my subjects, meeting conditions for all five offers that I hold.

So how do I choose where to go? How do I decide where the next 3, 5, maybe more years of my life are going to be spent?

Of course, it’s obvious where my decision led, sitting here writing this post from beautiful Plymouth, but how did I come to this conclusion? What were the reasons I ultimately came to be where I am now?

I decided the best way to answer these questions would be by giving you MY top 5 reasons for choosing Plymouth University.

Reason 1 – The City

I used to view Plymouth as a concrete place, one I visited occasionally for shopping or the cinema.

I was very wrong!

The Hoe is a stunning area. Somewhere you can sit and watch the world go by. Panoramic views of an endless sea. Ships docking and sailing. Smeaton’s tower, a bright and colourful structure infusing the landscape.

Just around the corner is the Barbican, with its array of quirky shops and fantastic eateries. Various events are held here throughout the year, bringing life and entertainment to the area. Epic.

There are many other hidden gems and interesting things to see around the city, but I won’t spoil the surprise. Adventure in discovery is half the fun!


Reason 2 – Surrounding areas

As well as the sights and sounds of the immediate city, Dartmoor and Cornwall are both just a stone’s throw away. Both bringing vast beautiful countryside to explore, interesting villages to visit and plenty of quirky hidden gems. I particularly recommend a visit to Hidden Valley Discovery Park!


Reason 3 – Open Days

I visited Plymouth many times before I finally settled on the University. The open days were always so welcoming and very informative. Staff and students alike were so friendly, and I just loved the atmosphere from the offset.

If I can recommend anything before you make your decision, it’s visit and attend open days, more than one if you can, to truly get a feel for the place you are seeing.


Reason 4 – The Course

One of the main reasons for picking your university is the course, and this can play a large part in visiting open days, as you can get a feel for the staff and facilities you will encounter. In the end, Plymouth had the edge for me as the course was slightly different than others offered elsewhere.


Reason 5 – Family

Ultimately for me a lot of my decision involved family. I have ties to the navy and Cornwall, so Plymouth was an ideal base nearby. I felt the city offered the best fresh start for me and my two young children with the opportunities, not just for myself but for them as well. It is a decision I have not once regretted and honestly, I just love it here!


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