First Year Home Stretch


Tuesday morning I handed in the final piece of coursework for the first year of my degree.

My pretty Lab Book – the last thing submitted for marking!


It feels weird not having any more work to complete! But now comes the home stretch of exams eek! After not performing as well as I wanted in the January exams, the thought of the next couple of weeks fills me with complete dread. And whilst I am feeling a bit better prepared than last semester, it can be a real struggle to fit time in to do proper studying around children (who are going through a non sleeping phase….joy) and other commitments. Thankfully those around me have been really understanding and supportive.

It has been a really hard time though, I’ve struggled with fibro flare ups and my mental health has taken a massive dive. But hopefully soon it will have all been worth it and I will be a third of the way through a degree despite all the obstacles that stand against me.

So I will leave it short and sweet today as I have a mammoth group study session booked and will see you again on the other side! xx

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