Hello from the other side….

It’s almost here…..I can see it in the distance….Just one more week and the kids are back at school! Ok well one of them anyway and the littlest starts the week after, but it’s in sight at least.

It’s been a crazy summer, much like the weather (joy) but I think we’ve filled it with fun at least. We’ve been to Crealy, we’ve done soft play, we’ve fed pigeons in the park and played with cousins, we baked and watched movies, played nerf bows in the yard, walked in the sunshine and done lots of crafts.

So many things and so many snacks, I am knackered, broken and broke!


Screen Shot 2017-08-24 at 15.03.57.png
One of our baking days

But mostly I hope they’ve had fun, I’ve tried my best to do what I can for them and that’s all I can do at the end of the day. I am however so ready for them to go back! I don’t have the largest amount of spoons in the first place and these two certainly use many of them for me!


Screen Shot 2017-08-24 at 15.04.29.png

Not long after they go back I will be getting ready myself, 2nd Year awaits and it’s meant to be intense (eep!) so time to be organised and determined! Least I finally have most of my help and provisions in place, something I wish I had done long ago. Never be too proud to ask for help xx


Screen Shot 2017-08-24 at 15.04.14.png
Sunny Days 

I know this isn’t the best of posts, but thought I would check in for end of summer as it’s been a while. The world is exhausting at the moment and I hope to get back to some better writing soon x

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