Life is but a pantomime

It seems apt that after my last blog post I would have a gap.

The post came after a long period of really bad health for myself, coupled on top of that was a lot of life s*** and things really weren’t great at all for me towards the end of last year. Never the less I struggled through and have just about made it out the other side….just about. It taught me a lot in that time about just how much you don’t know people and the people who would stab me in the back and let me down just seemed to increase as each week went by. But I also found some really great people who helped pull me out of the water when I was drowning and I am so eternally grateful to them.

Things gradually got better in some respects, some things are ongoing and other things, like my health, are never going to be 100% and it’s learning to live within my capabilities. Something I never seem to be able to accept.

Assessments are finally over and the new semester starts next week marking the fact that I am now officially half way through my degree! Time to carry on working hard and hoping for that brighter future.

It is also showtime for our panto! We had our first run of three shows last weekend and whilst things were stacked against us, the shows went really well and things seem to be working out.


Screen Shot 2018-01-24 at 19.45.40
Before show antics

Last few shows to go this weekend and then I am taking a break from theatre acting to concentrate on university for a year or three lol.


Screen Shot 2018-01-24 at 19.45.58
In character for the pantomime – the three musketeers!