Can you help me to help?

I have an amazing opportunity. Two weeks helping in hospitals in Africa!

The opportunity to shadow doctors, see how life works in developing countries and help out in the community. It’s an opportunity that could be life changing and not only gain me so much medical experience but also life experiences I will treasure forever.

I have a lot against me. My conditions, my circumstances but also the fact that I need to fund raise around £3000 to be able to go on this adventure.

I want to show the world just how much a single mum with chronic conditions can achieve when she puts her mind to it, that despite the obstacles anything is possible.

Can you help me? Whether it’s 50p or a share of my gofundme page, any tiny bit of help will be so appreciated. Also any ideas on what else I can try to fund raise would also be amazing.

You can find my page at  Jems volunteering in Africa

I will post updates as I go both here and on the gofundme site for all those who want to follow my progress. Wish me luck and thank you! xxx


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