Yearly reflection

Just over a year ago (a year and 2 days to be precise!) I wrote a reflection on the previous year and everything it had brought about. So it seems only fitting now, a year on from that, to reflect once again on the year gone by.

The last month or so has been challenging, having changed to alternative assessments in my degree I was faced with around 11 essays to write in 13days. With a few of those days taken up looking after my children and my nephews birthday, it meant I was working on an essay or more a day, not easy and certainly not relaxing! But as always my body decided to throw an extra spanner in the works with me getting ill days before starting this epic task. JOY!

However it is now all over and with that marks the end of the second year (all being well!) of my degree.

It’s been an interesting year, I learnt to let go a lot. Leaving acting behind to focus on my studies, leaving old toxic friendships behind to focus on me and my family, and leaving behind some responsibilities I no longer needed to carry, so I have time to breath. I am finally starting to get to places I want to be in my life, focusing more on my health and rebuilding that, so I at least stand a decent chance in surviving a career and having more family fun. Building a home for me and my girls.

I have spent a lot of the last year trying to decide on what next. There are a few options, each with their advantages and each with their varying degrees of obstacles. Every single one though revolves around medicine in some way or another. It is my calling and I will find a way to pursue it one way or another! What I really need to do is find that magic money tree somehow :/ But I will face whatever comes, when I get to it!

As I have said many times before, I owe so much to my mum. She is and as always remains my rock, my constant and my best friend. A phone call is all it takes to bring a smile to my face in even the most hardest of times. When things have got rough or hard, she has always been there on my shoulder and my greatest wish is that I can build the same love and friendship with my own daughters.

So now I look forward to the next year, completing my degree, deciding on a future and all the trials that may come with it.

Bring it on.