New Term Chaos

It’s the start of a new school year and that means of course that chaos has reigned this week!

Not helped by the fact that the week began with my cousin’s funeral over 200miles away, so a long day trip and emotional reunions with family ensued.

It’s hard that the only time you see a lot of family is at these sad times, we all live so far apart and have our own busy lives. Yes social media allows us to stay in “contact”, but it’s not the same is it? It was really nice to see people even if the circumstance wasn’t the best, and plans have been made for next year for a little adventure with one of my closest cousins, so that is something to look forward to at least!

Back from that emotional day and the next saw the kids back at school for a new year! They grow up all too quickly and time just seems to be flying by at the moment. However there was no time to stop and pause as I had my 3 hour UKCAT exam at 9am!

Despite the circumstances I did manage a score above average which I should be happy with, but I messed up the last section so I really don’t know how things will be effected now, only time will tell I guess :/

The rest of the week was filled with working at uni, housework and working as a healthcare assistant at the weekend (gaining experience for my applications!). So very much tired all around. I am fighting the pain and fatigue at the moment and I really don’t know if I can keep this up much longer but hopefully the pace will be more chilled this week.

It’s hard to get everything done that needs to be whilst trying to maintain this constant balancing act between my life and my health. Well more of a battle between what I want to do and what my body will allow me to do!

Just keep swimming.

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