Battling Fibro Fatigue

Today I am tired.

Today my body (and mind) are screaming at me to stay in bed and rest, but I have things to do. I am in the middle of an assessment period where I am multiple essays to write in a short period of time. I could stay in bed and work, I have the means to do so, but I also have packages to listen out for, a house that needs sorting and dishes to be washed.

This is the constant juggling act between listening to what my body wants me to do and trying to have some sort of normal life.

Living with fibro has been a constant battle that I have yet to find a compromise for, instead I just feel like I am constantly failing.

My statement of results at university is like a roadmap of times I was sicker and times my kids were sick. It’s a frustration of knowing that I have so much more potential but being completely unable to fulfil it due to circumstance.

My house is also a roadmap of the times I am sicker. Dishes piled up, bins to take out, general chores that come much lower down than taking care of myself and taking care of my kids needs. The latter always being my first priority.

Today I am tired, and I am losing the battle once again.

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