Unibox – Unipocket Review

So a couple of years ago this pretty cool looking subscription package aimed at students started called Unibox, and whilst I had access to offers etc I never actually got round to trying them out, as a skint student ironically it wasn’t top on my priorities with money.

Anyway fast forward to now and they recently launched a smaller version called Unipocket, doesn’t come in a nice box or with a magazine but you get a seletion of the goodies that are in the main Unibox for half the price. Awesome I thought, I will finally give them a go!

Unfortunately thats pretty much where my enthusiasm ends. Whilst the arrival of the cute, shiny, blue pocket package on my doorstep valentines morning was a nice surprise, the contents left me substantially underwhelmed.

Unipocket and contents

The stationary feels cheap and thoughtless with a fairly basic notebook and cheap feeling multicolour pen, barely fitting with the unicorn theme of the month.

Notebook containing blank pages and multicoloured pen

Then, even though the website promises 100% vegan snacks on its pocket page banner, I was sent nuts with honey in. Pointless and very annoying.

Snacks – including unsuitable nuts 🙁

The only thing I am happy with is the very pretty unicorn themed glitter face-mask, although I have yet to actually try this out, I am hoping that I will at least find something worth having. However with this retailing at under £4 online, coupled with the rest of the cheap contents, I do not in the slightest feel that the Unipocket was worth the amount I paid for it and as such I won’t be continuing the subscription any time soon.

Unicorn face-mask: at least this looks cool. Expensive way of getting it though!

In the packet you also get a sticker and an inspirational quote post card included, and whilst these are cute, they really aren’t enough to warrant the money or save the day.

Shiny blue package of the Unipocket with inspirational quote card and sticker.

A quick instagram search brings up the full contents of this months Unibox and I have to say I am relieved at least that I didn’t purchase the larger package! One saving grace I guess. The additional products certainly do not warrant the higher price tag in the slightest.

Overall I am completely disappointed with the Unipocket, but if you want to check it out yourselves it can be found at: https://theunibox.com/pocket/ However, for a package aimed at students, who by design are low on money, it really doesn’t seem like you are getting anywhere near value for it.

Disclaimer: This review is completely my own and the items were purchased by myself.

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