Mid-year update – How time flies!

Image of legs and feet wearing jeans and dark blue converse shoes, resting inside a hammock with closed fly net over the top. Trees can been seen through the top netting.
Chilling in a hammock in the woods 🙂

Well a lot can happen in six months that is for sure! Especially when you are a single mum, working on a degree, and living with fibromyalgia.

I finally finished my dissertation and presented it at a poster conference. Final exams were hard, stressful and caused about 5 million break downs, BUT! they are finally over, and passed, and now I can say I have completed my degree in Biomedical Science with an upper second class honours.
I am so happy, I put in a lot of hard work over the last four years. From leaving an abusive marriage during my access course and still coming away with full distinctions. To completing the full three years of my degree as a single parent and also battling fibromyalgia along the way. There have been many downs that is for sure but I made it through and I can’t wait for graduation next month!

Lots has gone on at home too. We moved into a lovely manor house near a woods, which is so peaceful (most of the time haha) and I am also the happiest I can ever remember being with someone now. It can be hard at times when you battle physical and mental health to remember all the wonderful things in life and what you have overcome. I have to remember to tell myself this more often.

I have a few exciting things to come, and the future is currently unknown but exciting. So please join me on my way as I find out what is to come living with fibromyalgia, and if you like a more day to day interaction please check out my newly renamed instagram: TheStubbornSpoonie !