Book Review – The Magical Sunglasses by Nicole McGrath

What would you do if you had one day with magical powers? This fun, bouncy read captures
the imagination, and demonstrates the power of courage and self-belief. Inclusive book for
early school aged children. Message for everyone.

Disclaimer: I received a copy of this book in return for review. All opinions are unbiased and my own.

My Review –
The magical sunglasses is a wonderful story about how you have the ability inside of yourself if you only just believe.
Beautifully illustrated with bright fun images, the magical sunglasses follows the story of a class of children who have been given “magical sunglasses” by their teacher. They children find that they are now able to complete fetes they once thought unable by the power of these sunglasses only to find out at the end of the story that there was no magic after all, and the ability and “power” was inside them all along!
The story is easy to follow and teaches a great lesson to young children, with both of mine enjoying it immensely, I defiantly recommend this fun, colourful book to those which young children!

Information about the Book
Title: The Magical Sunglasses
Author: Nicole McGrath
Illustrator: Nick Roberts
Release Date: 26 th September 2019
Genre: Picture Book
Page Count: 20
Publisher: Clink Street Publishing

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Nicole McGrath is a paediatric occupational therapist from Melbourne, Australia. Personally
seeing the success of bringing self-belief into the lives of children with varying abilities
across the world; including Australia, Uganda, and the United Kingdom, Nicole McGrath
wrote ‘The Magical Sunglasses’ to help bring the powerful message of positive thinking out
of the therapy clinic and into family story time.
She currently works in a specialist centre for children with cerebral palsy in Cardiff, Wales;
and as part of the role, is being increasingly asked to present at national conferences on a
self-belief based therapy technique, where she is covering new grounds and educating
therapists internationally.
Being an avid traveller, surfer, snowboarder, and cyclist, Nicole is an adventurer with a ‘go
for it’ attitudeā€¦ with the belief that the release of The Magical Sunglasses will provide the
biggest adventure yet.