Assessments and New Semesters

The last few weeks have been an insane bundle of writing, typing, reading and stress. As part of my condition I was awarded the option to sit alternative assessments instead of exams, due to the nature of fibro fog and flareups effecting my exam performance in the past. This means however, that for every exam I would have sat, instead I have to write a minimum of two essays with around 2500 plus words, during the 10 day exam period.

Caffeine fuelled essay writing is the only way 😉

Last semester I sat two modules and this resulted in 5 essays to write, two at 2500 words and three at 3000 words. Needless to say it was a very busy and very stressful time over those ten days!! But usually I do find this works better for me, and hopefully I will still manage to attain higher grades than my previous exams….jury is out on that for now, watch this space!

So I am glad to see the back of that process for the time being! Though of course I still have to go through it once more in May, but we’ll worry about that when it comes to it! For now, today makes the beginning of semester 2. The final semester of this degree! It feels like only yesterday we were all baby freshmen, embarking on this journey, and now here we are in the final leg. Scary and exciting, the final chapter of this begins.